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Student Team Research Posters

All FRI students present their research posters at campus events. Each cohort presents two posters, representing two projects, the first developed in the fall freshman Research Methods Seminar, and the second representing their results from the research they proposed in the spring freshman course and then conducted in the fall sophomore course. These posters are presented at a public session at the annual FRI Research Day in December. At that event, each student team has an opportunity to talk with faculty and other students  about their research results.

Cohort AY2017-18 in Fall 2017, as freshmen (pre-proposal stage)

  • Using Remote Sensing to Detect Tree Distress Due to Wooly Adelgid Infestation
  • Increase in Earthquakes as a Result of Wastewater Injection
  • Comparison of Remote Sensing Techniques in the Search for Unmarked Buried Bodies
  • Vegetation's Impact on Poverty in the Binghamton Area
  • Shovel Testing vs. Remote Sensing at Queen Esther's Site

Cohort AY2016-17 in Fall 2017, as sophomores (research results)

  • Detecting PFM-1 Mines Using Drone-based Thermal Imaging
  • Detecting Pig Cadaver Clandestine Graves

Cohort AY2016-17 in Fall 2016, as freshmen (pre-proposal stage)

  • Pilot study to detect landmines with UAV mounted thermal infrared
  • Long term forensic study to detect pig cadavers with geophysical methods

Last Updated: 12/18/17