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Johnson City Redevelopment:
The Health Sciences Campus

We are developing a Story Map that will track the neighborhood changes that are occurring surrounding the newly built School of Pharmacy and the relocation of the School of Nursing. Our GIS Facility and Geography Department are working closely with the University President and other key officials, who have bought into the technology. We have Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergradute students involved with various aspects of the project. The neighborhood where the school is being built is currently struggling with crime, vacant properties, and poverty. We believe gentrification will occur in this area and want to track both the good and bad effects of these processes. We will be able to track changes by looking at the same datasets over time.

Story Map


Visit the Applications page to view other Web Maps that were a result of some of our research initiatives.

Our facility is also actively assisting other faculty and students from various departments
with aspects of their research that involve Geo-Technologies.


Last Updated: 5/3/21