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Thomas W. Donnelly

Professor Donnelly

Professor of Geology
PhD (1959) Princeton University

Research Interests:

  • Central American geology
  • Marine geology
  • Chemistry of sediments

Recent Publications:

  • Donnelly, T.W., 1989, Geologic history of the Caribbean and Central America, GSA Decade of North American Geology, v. A, The geology of North America: an overview, 299-321.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1989, History of marine barriers and terrestrial connections, Caribbean paleogeographic inference from pelagic sediment analysis, in Woods, C. (ed.) Biogeograph of the West Indies, Sandhill Crane Press, Gainesville, 103-118.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1990, Caribbean biogeography, geological considerations bearing on the problem of vicarience vs. dispersal, in Azzaroli, A. (ed.), Biogeographic Aspects of Insularity, Accad. Naz. dei Lincei, Rome, 595-609.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1990, Pelagic sediment, deep water chemistry, and tectonics: an application of the history of biological sediment accumulation to the tectonic history of the Caribbean, Rivista Ital. di Paleont. e Stratig. 96, 143-164.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1992, Geologic history and tectonic setting of Mesoamerica, in Aiello, A., and Quintero, D. (eds.), Insects of Panama and Mesoamerica, Oxford Univ. Press, 1-13.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1993, Impoundment of rivers: sediment regime and its effect on aquatic benthos, Aquat. Conserv., Marine and freshwater Ecosystems 3, 331-342.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1994, The Caribbean Cretaceous basalt association: a vast igneous province that includes the Nicoya Association of Costa Rica, PROFIL (Univ. Stuttgart) 7, 17-45.
  • Donnelly, T.W., 1994, Caribbean sea Floor, in Donovan, S. (ed.), Caribbean Geology: An Introduction, Univ. of the West Indies.

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