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Francis T. Wu

Professor Wu

Professor of Geophysics

PhD (1966) California Institute of Technology
Science 1, Room G-60A
(607) 777-2512


Research Interests:

  • Seismology
  • Tectonophysics


Current Research Projects:

  • TAIGER, Young Orogeny in Taiwan
  • Crust/Upper Mantle Structures and Tectonics of Tibet
  • Crustal and Upper Mantle Structures around New Zealand
  • Crust/Upper Mantle Structures of Eurasia
  • Crust/Upper Mantle Structures of Changbai Mountain, China


Teaching Activities:

  • Seminar on mountain building
  • Seismology (graduate and advanced undergraduate course)
  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes, Fall '03 (non-major course)
  • Oceanography


Other Professional Activities:

  • Program Co-chair, 1998 Western Pacific Geophysical Meeting
  • Corresponding Research Fellow/Advisor, IES, Academia Sinia, Nankang, Taipei
  • Lecturer, ICTP, Trieste, Italy


Recent Manuscript:

  • Paper on displacements derived from accelerograms for the 9/20/99 Chi-Chi earthquake


Recent Publications:

Shin, T.C., F.T. Wu, J.K. Chung, Y.M. Wu, C.S. Chang, and T.L. Teng, 2001. Ground displacements around the fault of the September 20th, 1999, Chi-Chi Taiwan earthquake, Geophys. Res. Letters, 1651-1654.

Kao, H., R.J. Rau, D.N. Shi, R. Gao, F.T. Wu, 2001. A seismic image of the Tarim Basin and its collision with Tibet, Geology, v. 29, 575-578.

Hetland, E.A., and F.T. Wu, 2001. Crustal structure at the intersection of the Ryukyu Trench with the arc-continent collision in Taiwan: results from an offshore-onshore seismic experiment. Terrestrial, Atmospheric and Ocean Sciences, Supplementary Issue, 231-248.

Bautista, B. C., Bautista, M. L. P., Oike, K., F.T. Wu, R.S. Puononbayan, 2001. A new insight on the geometry of subducting slabs in northern Luzon, Philippines, Tectonophysics, 339, 279-310. Wu, F.T., C.S. Chang and Y.M. Wu, 2004. Precisely Relocated Hypocenters,

Focal Mecahnisms and Active Orogeny in Central Taiwan, Aspects of the Tectonic Evolution of China, Geol. Soc. of London, Special Publication, 226, 333-353.

E.A. Hetland, F.T. Wu, J.L Song, 2004,Crustal structure in the Changbaishan volcanic area, China, determined by modeling receiver functions, Tectonophysics 386, 157– 175.

Schulte-Pelkum, V., A. Sheehan, R. Bilham, F.T. Wu, 2005. Imaging the Indian Subcontinent beneath the Himalaya, Nature, 435, 30 June 2005. doi:10.1038/nature03678

G. Monsalve, A. Sheehan, V. Schulte-Pelkum, S. Rajaure, M. R. Pandey and F. Wu, 2006. Seismicity and one-dimensional velocity structure of the Himalayan collision zone: Earthquakes in the crust and upper mantle, Jour. of Geophys. Res., 111, B10301, doi:10.1029/2005JB004062.

J. L. Song, E. A. Hetland, F. T. Wu, X. K. Zhang, G. D. Liu and Z. X. Yang, 2007. P-wave velocity structure under the Changbaishan volcanic region, NE China, from wide-angle reflection and refraction data, Tectonophysics, Volume 433, 127-139.

Chang, C.H., Wu, Y.M., L. Zhao and Wu, F.T., 2007. Aftershocks of the 1999 Chi-Chi earthquake: The first hour. Bull. Seismological Soc. of Am., 97, 1245-1258.

C.S. Chang, Wu, Y.M., Chen, Y.G., Chung, L.H., T.L Teng, T.L.,Francis T. Wu, F.T., 2007. seismogenic structure in a tectonic suture zone: with new constraints from 2006 Mw6.1 Taitung earthquake, Bull. Seismological Soc. of Am., 97, 1245-1258.

Wu, F., D. Okaya, H. Sato, and N. Hirata (2007), Interaction between two subducting plates under Tokyo and its possible effects on seismic hazards, Geophys. Res. Lett., 34, L18301, doi:10.1029/2007GL030763.

Wu, F.T., F. D. Davey, D. Okaya, 2007, Chapter 17: Taiwan and South Island, New Zealand -A Comparison of Continental Collisional Orogenies, A Continental Plate Boundary: Tectonics at South Island, New Zealand, To be published December 2007.

P. Clift, A.T.S. Lin, A. Carter, F. T. Wu, A. Draut, H. Schouten, and L. Teng, 2008. Gravitational collapse as a result of migrating arc-continent collision in the Ilan Basin, Taiwan, Geological Soc. of Am Special Paper 436

"Formation and Applications of the Sedimentary Record in Arc Collision Zones", (Eds. A Draut, P. Clift and D. Scholl), 257-278.

Wu, F.T., W.T. Liang, J.C. Lee, Benz, H., Villasenor, A., 2007. A model for the termination of the Ryukyu subduction zone against Taiwan, A triple junction of collision, subduction/separation and subduction boundaries, Submitted to JGR, July, 2008.


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