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Requirements for the BA in Geological Sciences

Years 1 and 2:
Most students begin with an introductory survey course, choosing any one of the 100-level courses. Then, typically in the sophomore year,students take a series of four "core" courses which cover the fundamental concepts, the theoretical basis, and the techniques and methods need by every well educated student in the Geological Sciences. During the first two years, students also begin to take the supporting science and mathematics courses required as background for the upper level courses in Geological Sciences.


One Introductory Course:

GEOL 102 Geology of the Solar System

GEOL 111 Planet Earth

GEOL 115 Global Change

GEOL 116 Geological Hazards


Four Geology 'Core' Courses:

Fall Semester:
GEOL 301 (formerly 213) Rock Record and Earth History
GEOL 302 (formerly 214) Interior of the Earth

Spring Semester:
GEOL 303 (formerly 212) Earth Materials
GEOL 311 (formerly 211) Earth Surface Processes


Cognate Sciences and Math:

CHEM 107 or 111
(Note: CHEM 107 or 111 is prerequisite or corequisite to GEOL 212)
and any two courses from the following list:

BIOL 113 (or 118), 114 (or 117), 370, 371, 373;
CHEM 108, 221, 231, 332, 341, 351;
MATH 147, 148, 224 and 225 (or 221), 226 and 227 (or 222), 304, 323;
PHYS 121, 122, 131, 132, 227


Years 3 and 4:
Three courses in GEOL numbered 300 or higher in addition to the core courses.
Four courses in an area of specialization. The student has flexibility in defining this specialization. These four courses must represent a program with a sound rationale, either in geological sciences or related fields. This could be exploring a sub discipline in geology (like sedimentology or igneous geology), environmental science, geography, or even science journalism, political science, or education, to mention a few possibilities. The specialization should be carefully planned with the assistance of a faculty adviser or the Undergraduate Program Director. Final approval of the courses selected for the four-course specialization should be secured from the Undergraduate Program Director no later than the student's sixth semester.

Note: The cognate science courses and four-course specialization must include at least three upper-level (300 or higher) courses.

NOTE: The department requires a grade of C- or better in geology courses counted towards the major. No courses for the major may be taken pass/fail.

Last Updated: 9/12/18