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Combined BA or BS in Geological Sciences and MA in Teaching Earth Science

The special combined 3/2 BA/MAT and 3/2 BS/MAT programs accommodate the needs of a select group of Harpur College students who wish to efficiently combine an undergraduate science degree with a graduate level teacher certification program. This combined program includes the entire current Harpur science BA or BS degree program and the current NYSED registered MAT in Earth Science program. The combination results from the inclusion of 16 credits of graduate education coursework that are counted in the undergraduate degree requirements and GPA, and also considered in the awarding of the MAT (courses occur during the students’ fourth year of study). The combined program saves the student one semester of time relative to the separate, sequentially taken BA/BS and MAT degrees. Students may apply for the program early in their junior year.

Details about the requirements of the combined BS/MAT and combined BA/MAT programs in Earth Science.

Students contemplating the combined degree programs should visit the Graduate School's Accelerated Degree Programs website to learn more about the program requirements. Students should discuss their interests with the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Peter Knuepfer, prior to applying.

Last Updated: 9/14/18