Message from the Chair, Foundation Board of Directors

Because Binghamton University delivers an education that is at once great and public, selective and accessible, community-oriented and globally involved, it has earned a spot among the top 30 public universities in the country. The Binghamton University Foundation has been instrumental in helping the University climb so high and just as instrumental in keeping the University on its upward trajectory.

Though Binghamton University is public, the state provides only the bare bones, contributing 39 percent to the University’s operating budget. It is private giving, instead, that provides the margin needed to expose students to a wide range of disciplines and ideas, creating great communicators who view even the most technical challenges from different perspectives, inspiring a culture of collaboration and excellence.

It is private donations that allow for a unique residential college system that blurs the lines between academics and extracurricular activities, encouraging social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. And it is private donations that enable the synergy between teaching and research that yields astounding ideas and solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges.

I am proud to say more than 38,000 University supporters gave a total of $101.2 million as part of Bold.Brilliant.Binghamton — The Campaign for Binghamton University, which concluded in June 2012. Thanks to their commitment, passion and support, this comprehensive gifts campaign exceeded its initial goal by 6.5 percent.

We're building on this momentum to make the Foundation and the University even more successful in the years to come. Thank you for the support!

Paul R. Turovsky '73, LHD '12

Last Updated: 1/8/14