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Students listen to others in a classroom

College of Community and Public Affairs

You can help students become an integral part of their communities working with children, youth, and families to improve lives. Your gift to CCPA will give students the tools they need to tackle society's most critical challenges.

Faculty and staff work together in a lab

Decker School of Nursing

Your gift will educate future leaders in nursing, healthcare and healthcare research and promote research and scholarship of the school’s faculty and students. When you give, you ensure that compassionate, knowledgeable nurses are available when you need them.


student talking in front of a class

Graduate School of Education

Everyone remembers a special teacher that touched their lives. Your gift to the Graduate School of Education will ensure a future of caring, competent and qualified teachers to impart critical knowledge to the next generation of eager students.

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences Heather Fiumera

Harpur College of Arts and Sciences

Your gift to Harpur will fuel curiosity and provide an environment rich in ideas and hypotheses, experiments, readings and artistic endeavors. You can help students find their eureka! moment as they join knowledge-seekers from across the world on quests for greater understanding.

Students working in the Zurack trading facility

School of Management

The School of Management offers a great return on your investment! Your gift will help us stay in the top echelon of business schools and prepare outstanding undergraduate and graduate students for successful futures as they navigate the business challenges of today.

Studetns working in a lab

School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

You can help fill the need for qualified pharmacists in an industry that is growing rapidly and becoming more complex.  Your gift to the Pharmacy School will promote creative solutions for critical global health problems through the use of cutting-edge interdisciplinary research.

Faculty and staff work in a lab

Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

Your gift to the Watson School will nurture a special blend of creative thinking with a focus on finding solutions to real-world problems. You can be the essential ingredient that prepares engineering and computer science students for an innovative future.

Last Updated: 8/8/16