Seniors for the BingFund want to increase student participation in giving since philanthropy is what separates an average college from a truly great institution of learning.  Here's how we're doing:
7.5% Class of 2014 
12% Class of 2015 
14.2% Class of 2016
9.2% Class of 2017

Why does my gift matter? Strong senior class and alumni annual giving is an important indicator of Binghamton pride and satisfaction. Alumni participation numbers are used to determine college rankings so they can affect how the world views your alma mater.

Isn't my tuition enough? Your tuition covers just a portion of the cost of your Binghamton education and state funding provides less than 20%. Private support is what helps fill the gap to give students aid and opportunities not funded by tuition and the state.

Why should I give after I graduate? Because you want to show your Binghamton pride.  Because you loved Binghamton and you want others to love it too.  Because you can designate exactly where you want your gift to go to create an impact in the area you feel most passionate about.

Have you heard about the Class of 2018 School Challenge. What is it?

We're having a school challenge again this year to see what school has the most #bingpride. The winners will be:

  1. The school with the highest senior class participation
  2. The school that improves the most over last year’s percentage participation

When you make a gift to any area of campus that has an account with the Binghamton University Foundation, your gift counts as a vote for your school(s) (even if you didn't give money to your school!).

How can I tell what the standings are?

Click here for daily updates or check the Student Donor Wall of Fame in Bartle.

Can I choose the account I want to give to?

Yes! A gift to any account will count towards the challenge. You can choose to support the Binghamton Fund account for your school, your favorite SA group, favorite sports team, or even the overall greatest needs of the University through the Binghamton Fund greatest needs account.

How much should I give?
Whatever gift is meaningful to you — is meaningful to us — we've received gifts of $5 or $100. Some students choose to give $20.18 in honor of their graduation year. Your participation is what matters.

How will my gift count if I am a double or triple major?

Your one gift will count in the participation calculation for each school where you have a major.

How do I make my gift?

  • Online through giving.binghamton.edu
  • Through the telefund – they will be calling seniors during the Spring 2018 semester.
  • By visiting the Student Philanthropy Committee’s Spring tabling events.

Can my parents or a friend make a gift for me and have it count?

In order to preserve the integrity of the Challenge, each senior student must make their own gift in order to count in the giving percentage calculation.






Last Updated: 12/4/17