TAG (thank-a-giver) DAY

We love our donors! And on February 21, 2018, we'll show you why.

TAG Day is a campus-wide event that engages and educates students, faculty and staff about the importance of giving back.  It provides a visible representation of all the areas of campus that benefit from donor support.

Donors provide crucial resources for the entire campus.  From scholarships, to funding for faculty development and research, to support that enhances academic programs and campus facilities — every gift makes a difference.

TAG Locations

This year, tags will be placed across campus on buildings, classroom spaces and equipment.  In addition, buttons and stickers will be distributed to students, faculty and staff indicating "I Give Back" or "I Benefit".  We are a state school but so much of what we have is because of the generous support of donors.  We hope that through TAG Day our campus community will truly understand the impact of private support.

The Binghamton Fund
Student Philanthropy Committee

Last Updated: 12/4/17