Lois B. DeFleur Faculty Prize for Academic Achievement

Funded through gifts made to honor the fifth president of Binghamton University, the DeFleur Prize awards faculty members who work across disciplines and across boundaries on innovative topics.

This endowed prize will recognize and thank President DeFleur in perpetuity for her leadership, her deep commitment to the University and the region, and her extraordinary vision that has made Binghamton the internationally recognized University it is today.

A Special Honor...
To commemorate President DeFleur’s spirit of excellence, Binghamton University will name the 14,000 sq. ft. central campus walkway (shown in photo at right) the DeFleur Walkway, a visible reminder of what one person’s commitment to greatness can achieve.

To make a donation in honor of President DeFleur, fill out the form below and mail it to the Binghamton University Foundation (or follow the simple instructions to donate online).

A Donation in Honor of President Lois B. DeFleur

To donate online: To make a secure, online gift to support the Lois B. DeFleur Faculty Prize for Academic Achievement, please visit www.giving.binghamton.edu and select Other, please specify from the account drop-down menu, and then type “DeFleur Faculty Prize — Account #21318” in the If “Other,” please specify box.

Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law.

The Binghamton University Foundation’s fiscal year ends June 30, 2010. A copy of the latest annual report may be obtained from the organization or from the Charities Bureau, Department of Law, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

President Lois B. DeFleur

Lois B. DeFleur
Binghamton University President, 1990-2010
Over her 20 years at the helm, President Lois B. DeFleur transformed Binghamton University into one of the finest public universities in the country. National publications routinely shower Binghamton with accolades such as “the premier public university in the Northeast.”
Her vision grounded the University in the local community by building partnerships with industry, nonprofits, governments and individuals. At the same time, she opened the campus to the world, thereby connecting Greater Binghamton and its future with the global community.

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