Faculty and Academic Support

Binghamton University is virtually unmatched. Our accomplishments defy the odds and define our future. With the help of private support our University is poised for its next great leap: to move from being the premier public university in the Northeast to being one of the top public universities anywhere.

To do so, we must further invest in the people and programs that give our trajectory its momentum and Binghamton its distinctive character. We seek substantial funding to attract and retain faculty members for whom research and teaching hold equal importance — faculty members who are being coveted by other top universities. We also seek additional funding for groundbreaking research initiatives and innovative programs, which give us the flexibility to respond to our rapidly changing world and harness the latest technologies.

Student Support

The most selective school in the SUNY system, Binghamton attracts extremely bright students. Though we attract top students, many are first-generation students for whom attending college can be a financial burden. And the nation’s best graduate students only attend universities where generous fellowships and stipends are available. Creating additional need- and merit-based scholarships, fellowships and other financial aid is critical to our ability to fulfill our public access mission and to recruit tomorrow’s academic stars.

Moreover, our students require and deserve stellar programs and facilities ranging from leading-edge technologies and modern buildings to leadership development programs and beautiful outdoor spaces — all of which can be made possible through the support of generous alumni and friends.

The Binghamton Fund

Gifts to the Binghamton Fund provide the most flexible dollars and, as such, offer direct and valuable support to Binghamton students. Binghamton Fund dollars are immediately directed to the University’s greatest and most fundamental needs — scholarships and fellowships; research support for undergraduates, graduates and faculty; mentoring programs and career fairs; laboratory equipment and library acquisitions; admissions open houses and student activities.

Gifts designated for the Binghamton Fund are particularly important because they give our University leaders the flexibility to use funds where they are needed most. We pride ourselves on our ability to be nimble and innovative, to fund great ideas, and to respond to unexpected needs. Ultimately, our students receive a powerful and immediate impact from gifts secured through annual appeals to alumni, student, parent, faculty/staff and community members.

Last Updated: 10/31/16