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What is the 2015 Senior Challenge?
It is our collective gifts back to Binghamton University through the Binghamton Fund, which is used where the need is greatest for students.  Binghamton Fund gifts provide support for financial aid, special programs, and things not covered by tuition — each of us has been helped at some point by the Binghamton Fund.

I pay tuition... why give to the Binghamton Fund?

  • Without the Binghamton Fund things like scholarships, internships, research opportunities, and many other educational and extracurricular activities would not be possible.
  • The percentage of gifts to Binghamton University directly affects our national ranking.
  • As a Binghamton student, you'll graduate with an average debt load that is $5,500 less than the national average.  You can pass along this same advantage to another student!

How do I join the challenge?give now
Many seniors are making a gift of $20.15 in honor of our graduation year but whatever gift is meaningful to you  —
is meaningful to us  — we've received gifts of $5 or $100.  Every gift matters.

Thank you for your support!

2015 Student Philanthropy Committee

Andrew Loso, Co-Chair
Dillon Schade, Co-Chair
Ryan Young, Vice Chair Participation
Rajesh Burela, Vice Chair Marketing and Publicity
Dionne Fraser, Committee Member
Celine Nehme, Committee Member

Last Updated: 10/31/16