Donor support helps students succeed

at Binghamton and beyond

Aisha Prudent '15 says, "Thank you."

Aisha dreams of becoming a criminal defense lawyer, and charitable giving from alumni, parents and other friends of Binghamton University put her on that path.

Through their generosity, donors support opportunities and experiences that help students discover their potential, achieve their goals and thrive at Binghamton and beyond.

"I found myself here," says Aisha. "I've grown so much as a person, learning who I am and what I can offer to the world."

Donors provide crucial resources on which the entire campus relies. From scholarships and other student aid, to funding for faculty development and research, to support that enhances academic programs and campus facilities — every gift makes a difference.

"That chance — to make even more of myself than my own imagination can fathom — that chance is precious. And I have you to thank for it. We all have you to thank for it," Aisha tells University supporters. "Rest assured, we will make you proud."

Donors' invaluable contributions have a life-changing impact on students and the overall success of Binghamton. From all of us at the University — thank you for your support!

Last Updated: 10/31/16