Alumni-athletes give back to support athletics

First-ever Athletics Alumni Giving Challenge a success

Men's lacrosse team with first-place award

Athletic Director Patrick Elliott (left) with members of the men's lacrosse team. 

More than 630 alumni-athletes made gifts to the Athletics Alumni Giving Challenge, held Sept. 12-30. The giving
challenge was made possible by the generosity of William H. Groner ’77, who sponsored the initiative.

“It was tremendous to see so much pride
from our former student-athletes toward their
alma mater,” Athletic Director Patrick Elliott said. “Our current student-athletes appreciate the efforts of those individuals who continue to pave the way for their current opportunities.”

The top three teams with the highest participation rate received prizes. A formula that took into account the number of donors of a specific team and the total number of alumni
for that program was used to determine the
participation rate.

  • 1st place: Men's lacrosse, 42% participation, $5,000 prize
  • 2nd place: Men's golf, 27% participation, $2,000 prize
  • 3rd place: Wrestling, 23% participation, $1,000 prize
  • 35% of gifts were made by first-time donors
  • More than 230 young alumni donors (Bearcats of the Last Decade) participated

Last Updated: 9/26/17