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Berm has new location at edge of Peace Quad

Binghamton Fund donors support campus enhancement

 Graduating seniors throw caps in air at new berm

Students in their caps and gowns will no longer have to bolt across the campus traffic circle to fulfill one graduation tradition — having photos taken on the berm, where flowers spell out their graduation year.

This past spring, students were able to take those photos on the new berm, which was built at the northeast corner of the Peace Quad. The old berm was removed due to pedestrian safety concerns. The berm had been at the center of the traffic circle for more than two decades.

The project was made possible thanks to donor support of the Binghamton Fund for Campus Enhancement.

“I don’t think people always realize how many different areas of campus the Binghamton Fund touches,” says Caitlyn Smith, director of the Binghamton Fund. “It’s great to see that donors were able to provide a solution to address the pedestrian safety concern through the Binghamton Fund for Campus Enhancement. That’s what the Binghamton Fund does best — provide flexible dollars for immediate use.”

Logistics for Commencement ceremonies each spring also contributed to the decision.

“Given the number of ceremonies and the thousands of people who attend them, it can get pretty crazy trying to clear cars out from one ceremony to make way for the next,” said Binghamton University Chief of Police Timothy Faughnan in a University news report last summer about the berm. “Any decisions we can make that will enable a smoother flow of traffic will help us provide a better experience for our graduates and visitors.”

The work included construction of an elevated planting bed that holds the “Binghamton” and “year” signs along with a boulder wall, sidewalks and plants throughout the area.

Plantings and flag poles will be added to the traffic circle area to continue the University’s tradition of providing a welcoming entrance to campus.

Commencement was held May 20-22. Watch the video.

Last Updated: 9/26/17