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Campus upgrades enrich Binghamton experience

bike racks

Beautification projects and other campus enhancements do more than create a warm welcome and lasting first impression for students, parents and other visitors — they also reflect pride in Binghamton University, promote quality of life on campus and complement the University's reputation for excellence.

Binghamton's Road Map is the strategic plan that is guiding resource allocations and investment across the campus. As the University continues to evolve, the Binghamton Fund for Campus Enhancement provides much-needed support to balance growth and expansion with valuable green space.

More than 35,000 guests — including prospective and admitted students and their parents — visit campus each year, says Joe Tiesi, senior assistant director and campus visits coordinator in the Undergraduate Admissions Office. The beauty of the Binghamton campus is one of the most frequent comments visitors note on surveys.

"First impressions matter," Tiesi says. "It's the feel of campus. Guests are welcomed by our students. That sense of community is enhanced because of the beauty of our campus."

Binghamton offers much more than just beautifully landscaped grounds. Other amenities include the much-used bicycle racks on the main campus walkway and at other key areas. The racks encourage cycling as a mode of transportation and demonstrate one of the University's many environmental sustainability efforts.

Last Updated: 1/20/17