Way to go, Decker School of Nursing! 

Decker students in the Innovative Simulation and Practice Center on campus

Decker students in the Innovative Simulation and Practice Center on campus


The Decker School of Nursing has some of Binghamton's most generous and loyal faculty and staff donors, according to Binghamton Fund records. In fiscal year 2015-16, 38 percent of gifts to the Binghamton Fund for the Decker School of Nursing came from payroll deduction alone.

Pamela Stewart Fahs, MS '85, is one example of a Decker faculty member who gives back to Binghamton — in her case, for 29 consecutive years. Fahs made her first gift to support Binghamton just before graduating from the University's master's program in nursing. She's worked at Binghamton for more than 30 years, starting as a lecturer.

Fahs continues to see the impact of her support firsthand, now as a professor, PhD program director and associate dean of the Decker School, and the Dr. G. Clifford and Florence B. Decker chair in rural nursing.

"I see the good that a donation to the University does for our students and programs," she said. "I know that support directly to the school often helps fund activities that we would not otherwise be able to fund."

Gifts to the Binghamton Fund make it possible for a dean to send an extra faculty member or students to a conference to present their work. The support could also be used to replace or upgrade essential equipment that state funding alone would not have covered, to name another example.

Fahs recalled that when Academic B became the "new" home for the Decker School, the dean at the time, Mary S. Collins, asked for support from faculty and staff, pointing out how important that support would be to help furnish the building.

"Nursing had 100 percent of faculty and staff making a contribution at that time, and we all felt as if we were part of the solution to making Decker a great place for students to learn and a great place to work," Fahs said. "Looking forward to our next new home in 2020 (at the Health Sciences Campus in Johnson City), I hope that faculty, staff and alumni will again rise to the challenge to help make this the best place to learn and work."

Last Updated: 11/2/17