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Great alumni: Generous with their time and money

Recent graduates at Commencement

Great alumni do four things:

  • They stay informed about Binghamton University.
  • They are inspired about the great things happening at Binghamton and share their pride in the University with the world.
  • They get involved with others in projects that demonstrate the reach and power of our alumni network.
  • They invest to propel Binghamton forward by making gifts to the Binghamton Fund or other campus initiatives.

Binghamton relies on the generosity and involvement of its alumni to thrive. The superb relationship we have with our alumni enriches their lives and our entire campus. Here are four great alumni who support Binghamton with their time, talent and treasure:

Christina Ritter

“It is important for me to give back to the place that gave me so much. At Binghamton University, I not only received a college education, but I learned about myself, about others, and what I wanted to do going forward. Binghamton shaped me as a leader and brought out the best in me. I was given opportunities to get involved and pursue leadership roles that I never thought would appeal to me or where I thought I would be successful. I love being an ambassador for all the wonderful things happening on campus!”

Christina M. Ritter ’99

Alumni Association board member, D.C. Metro Chapter leader, donor

Douglas Camin

“I had only been involved in other community organizations here in town. One of the things that drove me to the University besides my direct connection of being an alum is how important it is to the community. I wanted to be part of that growth of the University. Binghamton is a much bigger, more dynamic place than it was even a short time ago. It’s important to give back to the University that really gave a lot to me. For me, I have the ability to give back as a great connector, facilitator and donor. I love being able to contribute that to the University.”

Douglas J. Camin '05

Greater Binghamton Chapter co-leader, donor

Gregory Ronneburger

“Binghamton operates on only about 16 percent in state funding. When you see how much private support is needed to run a university, it speaks to the need for people to give back. It’s supporting the people on campus and helping them do the work they’re doing. It’s giving students access to a great education. It’s fun to get involved and help out. It makes you feel good to do good. If the school continues to grow, continues on the path to premier, continues to put out great students and have more people engaged — that would be success.”

Gregory A. Ronneburger ’97, MBA ’99

Alumni Association board member, Syracuse Chapter leader, donor

Joseph Arra

“When I was a student, other alumni were staying engaged and getting involved. I want to help fellow Bearcats. I hope to help inspire others to go after their dreams. Every dollar makes an impact in some way, shape or form. It is going to go to something, like my friends in EOP (Educational Opportunity Program). Contributions also affect our rankings, so that helps the value of our degrees as well. Your experience at Binghamton wouldn’t have been the same without alumni support.”

Joseph M. Arra ’15

Former Student Philanthropy Committee liaison to the Telefund, donor

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Last Updated: 9/26/17