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Decker students 

Elizabeth "Lisa" A. Reese, MSEd '86, touched many lives on campus and in the community as a longtime faculty member
of the Decker School of Nursing and nurse practitioner in private practice.

Reese died in 2014 at age 66. She battled breast cancer after being diagnosed in 1998, but spent years in remission. Through it all, she remained committed to making the most out of life and sharing her passion for nursing with others, says her husband, David G. Reese.

"She really loved Binghamton University, the people, her students and all the faculty and staff she worked with," he says. "She loved teaching because it took her mind off the cancer."

Lisa's career at Binghamton spanned nearly three decades. She retired from the University in 2010. Her former colleagues approached David about working together to establish a scholarship in her name. Alumni, current and former faculty, and others added to David's contribution to establish the Elizabeth "Lisa" Reese Scholarship.

The scholarship is awarded to a senior student in the Decker School of Nursing who is committed to the nursing profession and enthusiastic about patient care. Academic merit and financial need are also considered.

"I thought it was a wonderful way to remember her," David says. "I really appreciate the hard work her colleagues put into it. It was a tremendous team effort."

David says he hopes the scholarship helps students focus on their education and on exploring the many paths they can pursue in nursing.

"It takes the pressure off the student so they don't have to find a second or third job that takes them away from their studies," he says.


David G. Reese and his late wife, Elizabeth "Lisa" A. Reese, MSEd '86.


"One former student captured what Lisa Reese meant to students when he said, 'If I ever find myself in a difficult situation as a nurse, I know with confidence that I can think back to what Lisa Reese has taught me about nursing to find my solution.'"

— Pamela Stewart Fahs, interim dean of the Decker School

Gabriela Acobo

Gabriela Acobo '16


"My family was met with an abundance of challenges
assimilating into a different culture and learning a new language but was determined to give me every opportunity to succeed. With their determination and the kindness of selfless people like you, I have succeeded in school and found
a love for learning. Paying for college has been increasingly difficult. This scholarship is greatly helping me achieve my goals and I cannot thank you enough."

— Elizabeth "Lisa" Reese Scholarship recipient Gabriela Acobo, Class of 2016. First-generation college student. Immigrated, with her parents, to the U.S. from Peru at age 4. Dreams of becoming an ER nurse or member of a national disaster medical assistance team.

Last Updated: 5/15/17