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On May 1, the Class of 2021 committed to Binghamton, now let’s show the class we're committed to them!

An outstanding public education requires more than state support. It takes the gifts of many individuals, pulling together, to create a student experience that is life changing.

We are counting on you to join us in making a gift from May 1 – June 30. We’re so close to reaching our goal of 2,021 gifts in honor of the incoming class.

Your gift will ensure that the Class of 2021 has access to stellar academic programs and high-impact learning experiences such as research immersion, networking and internships.

Believe in Bing2021 and give back today!

Honor the incoming class

You can help us reach 2,021 gifts

Give back today!

Frequently Asked

What counts?

Gifts of any amount to any account from May 1 – June 30.

I already made a telefund pledge, but haven’t paid it yet. If I pay my pledge during the challenge, does that count?

Yes! If you pay your telefund pledge from May 1 – June 30, your gift will count. Unpaid pledges will not count.

What about recurring giving?

Donors on online monthly recurring giving and payroll deduction will be counted as participants.