Fresh, dynamic research is a vital component of graduate studies. At Binghamton University, students work in facilities and with faculty to propel that research forward.

Our state-of-the art learning spaces serve students from all disciplines.

Graduate students work alongside nationally known faculty experts, enhancing their classroom experiences with hands-on research, including work with the Transdisciplinary Areas of Excellence (TAEs), which explore critical social, scientific, technological, economic, cultural and policy issues aimed at developing solutions to today's complex and consequential problems. The TAEs focus inquiry and innovation in five areas: 

  • Citizenship, rights and cultural belonging;
  • Health sciences;
  • Material and visual worlds;
  • Smart energy; and
  • Sustainable communities.

These Binghamton University faculty are top scholars in their subjects. Nearly all of them — 93% — hold the highest degree offered in their field, and more than 75 of them are distinguished professors. These faculty not only offer their expertise, but also frequently become valued mentors and friends as graduate students progress through their degrees.