Council & Cabinet

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is the governing body of the Graduate School and consists of the Dean of the Graduate School, faculty members elected from the graduate faculty and graduate students designated annually by the Graduate Student Organization. The Graduate Council establishes regulations for the Graduate School; reviews and approves proposed graduate courses and programs; develops standards for the admission and matriculation of graduate students; and recommends priorities for the allocation of graduate support resources.

Graduate Council Members


Aondover Tarhule, Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Faculty Representatives:                                  

2016-2019 Term                                                                                           

Adam Laats, CCPA, Teaching, Learning, and Educational Leadership

Gale Spencer, DSON                                                                                            

Leigh Ann Wheeler, Harpur, Social Sciences, History                                    

2017-2020 Term

Yu Chen, Watson, Electrical and Computer Engineering                            

Paul Chiarot, Watson, Mechanical Engineering                                                       

Bob Guay, Harpur, Fine Arts and Humanities, Philosophy                      

Yetrib Hathout, SOPPS                                                                                            

Matt Johnson, Harpur, Science and Mathematics, Psychology                              

Weiyi Meng, Watson, Computer Science  

Andreas Pape, Harpur, Social Sciences, Economics                                                                       

Xingye Qiao, Harpur, Science and Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences                                       

Pamela Smart, Harpur, Fine Arts and Humanities, Art History                                

Nathan Tumey, SOPPS                                                                                            

Nancy Um, Harpur, Fine Arts and Humanities, Art History

2018-2020 Term

Kimberly Jaussi, SOM

Manoj Agarwal, SOM

Nikolay Dimitrov, Harpur, Science and Mathematics, Chemistry

Christopher Bishop, Harpur, Social Sciences, Psychology (At-Large)

Peter Borgesen, Watson, Systems Science and Industrial Engineering

George Catalano, Watson, Biomedical Engineering

Douglas Summerville, Watson, Electrical and Computer Engineering

David Campbell, CCPA, Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership

Nadia Rubaii, CCPA, Public Administration

Loretta Mason-Williams, Department of Teaching, Learning and Educational Leadership (At-Large)

Graduate Student Representatives:

Chang Liu

Tarun Mastana

Chenrui Zhao

Gautam Beri

Ex Officio Members:

Gretchen Mahler, Associate Dean, Graduate School

Paul Parker, Associate Vice President, Research

Mary Beth Curtin, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Research Initiatives

Curtis Kendrick, Dean, Libraries

Sara Reiter, Liaison, Faculty Senate

Kelly Wemette, Director, Office of Strategic and Fiscal Planning


Graduate Council Minutes





Graduate Cabinet

The Graduate Cabinet, an informal body comprised of the graduate associate deans of the schools and colleges, the chairs of departments, directors of graduate programs and representatives of the Graduate School, convenes as needed in order to discuss important issues relevant to graduate education. Although the Graduate Cabinet has no bylaws or legislative authority, its discussions contribute greatly to the excellence of Binghamton University.