Graduate Community of Scholars (GCOS)

Welcome to the Graduate Community of Scholars!

The Graduate Community of Scholars (GCOS) at Binghamton University offers resources to help you thrive in your personal life and gain a competitive edge in your professional life - whether you're starting your master's degree or completing your doctoral degree.

We are a learning community that welcomes all graduate students, at all levels, in all disciplines.

Each semester, GCOS hosts a series of workshops designed to develop the graduate community as scholars, teachers, professionals and members of the Binghamton University community. These workshops join with various campus organizations, departments, centers or units to tailor the information to the interests and needs of graduate life. These workshops follow the Binghamton University PREP Model, which resolves around four themes and competencies that are vital for every graduate student: planning, resilience, engagement and professionalism.

Planning: Learn skills that emphasize proper planning throughout your graduate career, such as resume- and grant-writing, thinking like a professional and creating a syllabus.

Resilience: Learn strategies to ensure and thrive through writing planning for dissertations and theses and managing mental health as a graduate student.

Engagement: Learn strategies for effective communication, networking, and active involvement in the workplace, classroom and community.

Professionalism: Learn and maintain the highest professional standards in teaching, research and publishing.

These workshops are free and open to all graduate students in all disciplines.

If you are interested in more information or if you have a request for a particular workshop topic, please email Ellen Tilden at