Summer/Winter Courses


The Graduate School will be offering the following online courses for Summer 2021.

Graduate students are encouraged to sign-up today!

GRD 594: Mgmt Fundamentals for Eng & Sci

Online; 3 credits; Term III (6/1/21 - 8/13/21)
This course is intended to provide graduate students in science and engineering programs with basic management skills including project planning, strategic planning and management of technology development and innovation. Prerequisites: Graduate student in a science/engineering program.

Course Notes: This course can be applied to the Professional Science Management Certificate.

GRD 650: Seminar for Dissertation Writers

Online; 1 credit; Term III (6/1/21 - 8/13/21)
Seminar for Dissertation Writers. This course is designed to support dissertation writers in the process of completing their dissertations and provide a context for them to explore their developing identities as writers in their disciplines. Students can take the course at any stage of the process which requires active writing, research and production, including the prospectus process, and given unique departmental requirements. The course model is based on current research into writing productivity which emphasizes regular meetings to check progress, solve problems and structure goal setting as key to productivity. The course will introduce students to a variety of approaches to productivity, planning and generating drafts, goal setting and academic style. The course will also provide a framework for rhetorical inquiry that is intended to help them clarify genre demands of dissertations in their disciplines. Strategies for editing and proofreading will be addressed as well, and while the course is not geared towards the needs of non-native speakers in particular, those students’ issues will be addressed.

GRD 671: Instructional Design Basics

Online; 4 credits; Term II (7/12/21 - 8/13/21)
Students will have an understanding of the field of instructional design. A focus of the course is looking at how learners are impacted by the ways in which material is presented and the role of teacher and student in delivery and obtaining new knowledge. Participants will design a unit of instruction with learners in mind.

Course Notes: This course can be applied to the College/University Teaching Certificate and the Community College Teaching Certificate.

GRD 676: The Community College

Online; 4 credits; Term I (6/1/21 - 7/2/21)
Mission of the Community College, type of governance, financial structure, challenges for community college, student needs, learning styles, developing a learning environment, supplementary support for students, role of advising and related topics.

Course Notes: This course can be applied to the College/University Teaching Certificate and the Community College Teaching Certificate.


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