Summer/Winter Courses


The Graduate School will be offering the following online courses for Winter 2023:

GRD 595: Fundamentals of Budget & Finance

Online; 3 credits;  (December 19, 2022 - January 13, 2023)

This course introduces general Business Finance and Accounting concepts for students in Engineering or Science curriculums. The general topics to be covered include budgeting, cost estimation, life cycle cost determination and modeling, time value of money, capital planning, business plans, financial markets, and credit, adding value, risk and reward, financial statements, inventory management, project progress measurement, and keys to a financially sound business.

Course Notes: This course can be applied to the Professional Science Management Certificate.

GRD 676: The Community College

Online; 4 credits; (December 19, 2022 - January 13, 2023)

This course covers the mission of community college, type of governance, financial structure, challenges for community college, student needs, learning styles, developing a learning environment, supplementary support for students, the role of advising, and related topics.

Course Notes: This course can be applied to the College/University Teaching Certificate and the Community College Teaching Certificate.


Additional information about Summer and Winter Sessions is available from the Center for Learning and Teaching.

Graduate students are encouraged to speak with their advisor before registering for summer or winter courses.

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