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Asian Greek Council (AGC)

The Asian Greek Council was established in 1994 in order to display unity among Asian Greek-lettered organizations. This council exists not only to represent a diversified union of Greek life, but to also promote the awareness of both Asian and Asian-American culture and heritage on campus and throughout the community. Although the letters of each organization may be different, this council demonstrates that organizations with different beliefs and ideals can come together in order to become something greater.
The Asian Greek Council addresses concerns affecting society by partaking in cultural, educational, political, and philanthropic events. Through this council, we hope to encourage better communication, coordination, and understanding among all Greek organizations.


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ΝΑΦ - Nu Alpha Phi



ΚΦΛ - Kappa Phi Lambda

ΣΨΖ - Sigma Psi Zeta


Last Updated: 8/29/19