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Professional Fraternity Council

Our principle goal is to help foster and facilitate connections between students of a similar major and/or career path. Each professional fraternity/sorority offers unique insight and support for its members in their academic and professional endeavors and seeks to develop strong social bonds of friendship of brotherhood/sisterhood among its members and alumni. This goal is accomplished through the application of professional, social, and philanthropic components.

If you are looking to join an organization in PFC, please feel free to explore the website as well as look into the individual fraternity and sorority websites. Each organization is geared toward a specific career path, helping to provide connections between students with similar goals, both academically and professionally. For current members, thank you for your contribution and strong support of this council.

For more information please contact Victoria Viola at



ΑΩΕ - Alpha Omega Epsilon

Co-Ed Fraternities

ΑΚΨ - Alpha Kappa Psi

ΑΦΩ - Alpha Phi Omega

ΔΕΜ - Delta Epsilon Mu

ΔΣΠ - Delta Sigma Pi

MΦE - Mu Phi Epsilon

ΦΑΔ - Phi Alpha Delta

ΦXΘ - Phi Chi Theta

ΦΔΕ - Phi Delta Epsilon

ΠΣΕ - Pi Sigma Epsilon


ΘΤ – Theta Tau







Last Updated: 8/29/19