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Fraternity & Sorority Life Fee

In order to provide the highest level of support and service to the members and chapters of the Binghamton University Fraternity and Sorority Community, members are assessed a $25/semester fee to their student account. This fee is allocated as follows:

30% - Chapter & Council Grants
25% - Office Discretionary & Emergency
20% - Marketing
20% - Retreats & Conferences
5% - Awards & Recognition


Fraternity & Sorority Grant Guidelines


The Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life encourages ALL chapters and councils to think creatively when considering programming. Each grant proposal will be evaluated on how well the proposed event represents the Binghamton University Fraternity & Sorority Values of Unity, Respect, Scholarship, Service and Leadership. Those events that specifically highlight these areas will be given first priority. Council and chapter grants were developed to further promote the positive aspects of fraternity and sorority membership, provide programmatic support to the fraternity and sorority community, and to improve the quality of programming hosted by fraternity and sorority chapters and councils.

Only "University Recognized" chapters or councils may apply for grant funding. The following guidelines apply to both chapter and council grant funding applications, and will be strictly enforced.


ALL Grant Proposals MUST INCLUDE:


a)     Completed Grant Proposal (form included below)

b)     Official quotes or contracts from service/goods providers (Event Staff,

 University Police, Taylor Rental, BSSL etc.)

c)     Contact list of ALL committee members associated with event/project


Please note:

If a proposal does not include the elements listed above it will be returned to chapter or council for further editing.  Please use the checklist included below to help organize your Greek grant proposal.

The purpose of the Chapter & Council Grant Program is not to pay for entire events, but to subsidize the costs of these events. Amount awarded will depend on the amount requested and the number of applications approved by the Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Committee.

In the event that a program is cancelled, a grant will not cover cancellation costs, nor will organization retain entitlement to funds.



If possible, please type response directly onto the form and submit the printed version.

Last Updated: 9/13/18