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Winter Holidays in Moscow, Higher School of Economics

I studied in Russia for three weeks over the 2011-2012 winter break while participating in the International Winter Session at the Higher School of Economics (HSE). The program included trips to Russia Today, the Carnegie Center, and the Public Interest and Law Initiative, while our daily course work consisted of Russian Grammar, Advanced Russian Usage, and Advanced Vocabulary for Russian Economics and Politics (each course met for two hours a day). I had an incredible experience studying Russian at a level much higher than is possible here in America and living in the HSE dorms. The only drawbacks were that the program was very small and started during the Russian winter holidays, so if you would like to try this program, be prepared for the cold! On the whole, however, the winter session at HSE is a great opportunity to visit Russia during winter break.

Alice Genkin

Last Updated: 1/30/19