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Summer internship in Novgorod, SUNY Brockport Novgorod summer program

I spent six weeks of summer 2010 in Velikii Novgorod on the SUNY Brockport Novgorod Summer Program.  For four weeks I studied language every day and had courses in art and history.  I was also able to live with a family near the center of the city.  The program included an optional internship, which I chose to do.  There is a list of several possible internships, and I worked at two archaeological digs (one was near the St. Sofia Cathedral and the other was the well-known Troitskii Dig, which Putin visited during my stay).  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend doing an internship if at all possible!  In addition to an internship we also traveled to several cities on day trips, spent four days in St. Petersburg (in a hostel right around the corner from the Winter Palace!), and toured the city of Novgorod.  My favorite things about the trip include having the chance to work first hand at an important archaeological dig, learning more about Russian culture, and actually feeling like someone who lives there.  The internship is a great way to get hands on experience in your field, and the whole experience will really improve your Russian.  The Russian language professors, especially for advanced students, are great and really helped my Russian improve.  The city is not too big to be overwhelming, but there's still stuff to do everyday.  It's a worthwhile trip!

Elise DeSantis, '12

Last Updated: 1/30/19