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German Program

Expand your horizons through German Studies

Our interdisciplinary German Studies curriculum offers a diverse range of courses in language, literature, and culture. The program emphasizes the study of culture in the broadest sense and offers an international approach to education through recognized study abroad programs in Leipzig, Germany and Graz, Austria. Courses on topics from intellectual and cultural history to literary studies to linguistics and visual culture are designed to allow students to follow their passions, develop their intellectual curiosity and pursue their interests with rigor and depth. The program is known for its best practices in language learning and teaching as well as its innovative approaches to student-centered instruction in German Studies.

Major in German

German Studies majors acquire language proficiency and an understanding of the culture and literature of the German-speaking world while learning about the ideas and discourses that have informed German Studies as a field. The major consists of 40 credits of coursework beyond elementary German. Courses in language and cultural studies, German-language literature and related fields are part of the course of study. Courses toward the major can also be taken during study abroad. Proficiency certification in German is offered to students through internationally recognized examinations administered by the Goethe-Institut.

Double major in German Studies

We welcome and encourage double majors. The double major consists of nine courses in German Studies. A capstone independent-study project linking two majors can enhance the course of study. Departmental Honors are awarded to students for demonstrated proficiency in German, a high GPA and outstanding independent work on a substantive research project that is carried out with close faculty guidance. Students in the German Studies program are prepared for the global workplace and continued intellectual growth through rigorous academic coursework and close mentoring by engaged faculty.

Our curriculum promotes

  • the development of proficiency in German
  • knowledge of the cultures of the German-speaking world
  • cross-cultural competencies and fluencies
  • academic rigor and depth of study across disciplines
  • internationalization and study abroad
  • the development of non-cognitive, interpersonal skills and an understanding of the learning process
  • preparation of students for success in graduate school and in their careers

Minor in German

The minor in German Studies comprises any combination of 24 credits beyond elementary German; students must pass GERM 306 or demonstrate an equivalent proficiency in German. A department adviser guides students in tailoring a course of study that suits their interests.

Dual Degree Program in German and Engineering/Computer Science

This five-year track leads to a BA in German and a BS in engineering or computer science. The Watson School of Engineering offers majors in computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial and systems design. Students follow the regular engineering curriculum and take courses in German Studies. Students have the opportunity to work with graduate engineering students from Germany who are resources specialists in the Languages Across the Curriculum (LxC) program. Students can spend a semester at the Technische Universität in Graz, Austria and may complete an internship.*

*(Note: Students who wish to participate in an internship and who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that they will be asked about their prior criminal history. This may impede your ability to participate in certain internships. Students who have concerns about such matters, or are looking for additional information, are advised to contact the dean's office of their intended academic program.)

Minor in German and BS in Management

This program adds an international dimension to a management degree. It emphasizes the development of international career opportunities in international commerce and management. Students benefit from study abroad at the School of Management at the University of Leipzig in Germany.


Declare a German major, double major, or minor

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Last Updated: 8/6/20