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Applicants must be full-time students at Binghamton University and have declared a Major or Minor in Binghamton University's German program to apply. Basic competency in German (usually at the intermediate level) is required; students should demonstrate their commitment to continuing engagement with German at Binghamton University after their return, and are expected to show how they can make a contribution to the German Studies program, the University and/or their future profession.

Normally, the Awards Committee will give preference first to Majors and then to Minors but it may exercise discretion in seeking the strongest applications. Funding will not normally be available to a student for more than two study sessions (e.g. summer term and one semester, or two semesters).

If additional funding is available after awards have been disbursed to German Studies Majors and Minors, the Awards Committee may consider applications from graduate students whose research has a strong German Studies focus and who plan to study German abroad or to undertake research where German language skills are required.

Program Eligibility

The Weigand Study Abroad Scholarship is primarily awarded for enrollment in Binghamton University's study abroad programs in Graz or Leipzig. Students who wish to receive Weigand scholarship support to enroll in other programs should provide a rationale for their decision.


The base award consists of $1500 to support a semester or summer program in German language and cultural studies abroad. Students who can demonstrate financial need may wish to apply for additional need-based funding and may submit additional application materials.

Scholarship awards assume that students who accept an award commit themselves to the study abroad program for the duration of program. Acceptance of the award signifies the student’s agreement to repay the award in full in the event that, except in the case of medical or other emergencies, less than half of the study abroad program is completed.


As early as possible at the beginning of the semester students should send an e-mail message to notify the Director of the German program’s study abroad programs of their intention to apply. Except in cases of compelling extenuating circumstances, deadline for receipt of application materials is:

October 15 for spring semester study programs

March 15 for summer, fall and academic year programs.

Application Process

Please submit the following materials by the appropriate deadline:

●Two letters of recommendation from German Studies faculty; at least one letter should be from a faculty member in the Department of German and Russian Studies

●A résumé and/or statement describing academic accomplishments and service activities

●An academic record/transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable)

●A personal statement describing: personal and/or professional goals and how the proposed study program fits those goals; ways in which the applicant will contribute to the educational mission of the German Studies program (tutoring mentoring, Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship, etc.); ways in which the applicant plans to contribute to the University and the community.

Applicants wishing to apply for a need-based supplement to the base award should include a financial statement indicating all funding sources for education costs have been financed and how they propose to finance study-abroad costs not covered by the Weigand Scholarship. Please indicate all other funding received or applied for, including fellowships, stipends and awards.

Last Updated: 1/30/19