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Where can you use German?

  • in industry
  • in international business
  • in communications
  • in travel
  • in education
  • in research
  • in life-long personal growth

What concentrations are available at Binghamton University?

  • the major in German (usually a double major with another field)
  • the minor in German
  • the dual degree with engineering/computer science
  • the minor in German and BA in management

Ways to use and learn German at Binghamton University:

  • come to the weekly German table for lively talk in German
  • view our large selection of German videos
  • attend our regular film series
  • become friends with our exchange students from Germany and Austria
  • study abroad in your sophomore or junior year
  • When course conflicts will not allow you to take a German course, maintain your proficiency in German and develop applied language skills through our nationally recognized LxC program. (Languages Across the Curriculum).
  • After studying abroad, become a teaching intern; explore career options by participating in some departmental instructional activities under the direction of a faculty mentor.
  • Find out about careers and graduate schools from regular contact with alumni who have gone into careers in education, industry, international law, communication, travel, finance, etc.
  • Experience close mentoring and advising from faculty who really come to know you in a friendly, supportive environment.

Former student comments on German at Binghamton University:

"Studying German has broadened my cultural views."

"It opened up a whole creative world of German authors and film makers."

"It prepared me for my career in an international law firm."

"In a place as large as Binghamton, I found the close-knit German Department a comforting and supportive community."

"It made me become a multi-cultural person and gave me more qualifications to find a job."

Last Updated: 1/30/19