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Sidney Dement

Assistant Professor of Russian

Sidney DementSidney Dement's teaching and research interests focus on Russian language, literature, folklore, and intellectual history. In his Slavic Folklore course, one of Professor Dement's favorite lessons explores the different types of magical thinking behind various rituals, superstitions, and interdictions. His favorite public research presentation (March 23, 2010) was given at the State Bulgakov Museum in Moscow to the Bulgakov Discussion Club that meets there monthly to discuss various aspects of the novel. In all of his classes, Dement loves to explore connections and share insights with students, especially when the sheer quantity of Russia's textual culture coalesces into a moment of clarity, like when one of Dostoevsky's underground narrators suddenly makes sense in the Age of Reforms, or when the inorganic medium of the Bronze Horseman in St. Petersburg strikes someone as a metaphor for binary models of change. Currently, Dement is working on a cultural history of Moscow's Monument to Pushkin that explores its unique role in shaping Russian concepts of referentiality.

  • Slavic Folklore
  • Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • Russian Culture and Civilization
  • Activism in Russia
  • Stalingrad
  • Russian Language
Selected publications:
  • "War and Laughter: Political Cartoons in Russia's Liberal Press, 1914-1918." Original translations and commentary, ⓒ 2011.
  • "Umbrellas, Dialectic, and Dialogue in Borislav Pekić's How to Quiet a Vampire." Slavic and East European Journal 56:2, Fall 2012; 153-72.
  • «Значение прототипа: «Сандуновские бани» в романе «Мастер и Маргарита». «М.А. Булгаков и булгаковедение в научном и образовательном пространстве: Сборник научных статей». Ответ. ред. В.А. Коханова. Москва: МПГУ, 2011; 178-86. ["The Significance of a Prototype: The Sandunov Bathhouses in Master and Margarita." M.A. Bulgakov and Bulgakov Scholarship, Research and the Classroom: An Anthology. Ed. V.A. Kokhanova. Moscow, MPGU, 2011; 178-86.] URI:
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