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Christina Feil

DAAD Language Assistant (2020–2021)Christina Feil

As an ethnic German from Russia my family and I migrated to Germany when I was six years old. Ever since then, languages have fascinated me. That is why I studied German, English, and Theology at the University of Education in Karlsruhe, Germany. After my practical year, I taught German as a Second Language to refugees and immigrants. These classes sparked my interest in ‘culture’ and its complex connection to language. To get to know more about this sophisticated field, I started studying ‘Intercultural Education, Migration and Multilingualism’ and finished my Master’s degree with the thesis, ‘Das Subjekt zwischen Kultur und Macht – Machtvolle Differenzpraxen im pädagogischen Deuten und Handeln von Lehrer*innen’. The master thesis was built on qualitative research with teachers in diverse classrooms and their attitude/behavior towards students with different ethnicities, and their constant influence by a complex of (inter-)national discourses.

  • German 101
  • German 203
Office: Library Tower 1405


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