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Neil Christian Pages

Neil Christian PagesAssociate Professor of German and Comparative Literature

Research interests

Germanophone and Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, European Cultural History, Commemorative Practices, Translation, Comparative Modernisms, Text and Image, the Habsburg Empire.

Current research projects

Current research projects include a book-length study on memorials and commemorative practices; articles on Peter Handke; Stanley Kubrick; Søren Kierkegaard as a critic and reader; Kafka.

Recent courses

Undergraduate Courses: Kafka and His Readers; Vienna 1900: Modernism and the End of Empire; Freud as/in Literature; Madness and Genius; German Cultural History, 1871–1989; German Lit's Greatest Hits: The Modern Novel; Literature/War/Memory; Austrian Literature: Nation, Memory, Identity.
Graduate Seminars: Toward a History of Reading; Reading W.G. Sebald; Kafka and His Readers; Søren Kierkegaard's Literary Texts, Commemoration/Representation.

Selected publications

"Tripping: On Sebald's Stifter." The Undiscover'd Country: W.G. Sebald and the Poetics of Travel. Markus Zisselsberger, ed. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2010. 215-248.

"What's Hidden in Caché." Modern Austrian Literature 43.2 (2010): 1-24.

Riefenstahl Screened: An Anthology of New Criticism. Co-edited with Mary Rhiel and Ingeborg Majer-O'Sickey. New York: Continuum, 2008.

"Crossing Borders: Sebald, Handke and the Pathological Vision." Modern Austrian Literature. Special issue on W.G. Sebald and Austrian Literature, 40.4 (2007): 61-92.

"No Place but Home: W.G. Sebald on the Air War and Other Stories." Crossings 7 (2004/2005): 91-135.

"Georg Brandes." Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 300: Danish Writers from the Reformation to Decadence, 1550-1900. Ed. Marianne Stecher-Hansen. Bruccoli Clark Layman/Gale (2004). 114-125.

"Architectures of Memory: Rachel Whiteread's Memorial to the Murdered Austrian Jews"; Austrian Studies (Volume 1)

"'Hitler's First Victim?' Holocaust Writing and Public Memory in Austria" (Fall 2003).

Review essay, "Mogens Klitgaard: The European Context," Scandinavian Studies, (Winter 2002).

Review, Niels Thomsen, "Hovedstrømninger 1870-1914. Idelandskabet under dansk kultur, politik og hverdagsliv." Scandinavian Studies (Fall 2000).

"On Popularization. Reading Brandes Reading Nietzsche." Scandinavian Studies 72.2 (Summer 2000).

"Beyond Foreword: Reading Kierkegaard's A Literary Review," TijdSchrift voor Skandinavistiek (Winter 1999).


Ph.D., New York University, 1999; M.A. New York University, 1995; Diploma, University of Vienna, 1989.


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Office: Library Tower 1408

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