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Neil Christian Pages

Neil Christian PagesAssociate Professor of German and Comparative Literature
Chair of German & Russian Studies

Research interests

19th, 20th century and contemporary German, Austrian, Scandinavian Literatures; Cultural History; Literary and Aesthetic Theory; Psychoanalysis; Kierkegaard; Architectural History; Translation; Kafka; language pedagogy.

Current research projects

Current research projects include a book-length study on memorials and commemorative practices; articles on Peter Handke; Stanley Kubrick; Søren Kierkegaard as a critic and reader; Kafka.

Recent courses

Undergraduate Courses: Kafka and His Readers; Freud as/in Literature; Madness and Genius; German Cultural History, 1871-1989; German Lit's Greatest Hits: The Modern Novel; Literature/War/Memory; Austrian Literature: Nation, Memory, Identity.
Graduate Seminars: Toward a History of Reading; Reading W.G. Sebald; Kafka and His Readers; Søren Kierkegaard's Literary Texts, Commemoration/Representation.

Selected publications

"Tripping: On Sebald's Stifter." The Undiscover'd Country: W.G. Sebald and the Poetics of Travel. Markus Zisselsberger, ed. Rochester, NY: Camden House, 2010. 215-248.

"What's Hidden in Caché." Modern Austrian Literature 43.2 (2010): 1-24.

Riefenstahl Screened: An Anthology of New Criticism. Co-edited with Mary Rhiel and Ingeborg Majer-O'Sickey. New York: Continuum, 2008.

"Crossing Borders: Sebald, Handke and the Pathological Vision." Modern Austrian Literature. Special issue on W.G. Sebald and Austrian Literature, 40.4 (2007): 61-92.

"No Place but Home: W.G. Sebald on the Air War and Other Stories." Crossings 7 (2004/2005): 91-135.

"Georg Brandes." Dictionary of Literary Biography, vol. 300: Danish Writers from the Reformation to Decadence, 1550-1900. Ed. Marianne Stecher-Hansen. Bruccoli Clark Layman/Gale (2004). 114-125.

"Architectures of Memory: Rachel Whiteread's Memorial to the Murdered Austrian Jews"; Austrian Studies (Volume 1)

"'Hitler's First Victim?' Holocaust Writing and Public Memory in Austria" (Fall 2003).

Review essay, "Mogens Klitgaard: The European Context," Scandinavian Studies, (Winter 2002).

Review, Niels Thomsen, "Hovedstrømninger 1870-1914. Idelandskabet under dansk kultur, politik og hverdagsliv." Scandinavian Studies (Fall 2000).

"On Popularization. Reading Brandes Reading Nietzsche." Scandinavian Studies 72.2 (Summer 2000).

"Beyond Foreword: Reading Kierkegaard's A Literary Review," TijdSchrift voor Skandinavistiek (Winter 1999).


Ph.D., New York University, 1999; M.A. New York University, 1995; Diploma, University of Vienna, 1989.


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Office: Library Tower 1408

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