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Fall 2014

Elementary Russian I - RUSS 101

Nancy Tittler

That strange alphabet can be learned in a few hours. Beyond that, introduction to basic vocabulary and grammar. Emphasis on speaking, oral comprehension and reading. Offered fall semester only. For students with no prior knowledge of Russian. Five hours a week. Grades are based on class participation, quizzes and examinations.

Russian Culture and Civilization - RUSS 110

Sidney Dement

Examines the political, historical and cultural developments that have together shaped Russian civilization and national identity, including Russia's interactions with other cultures from early, pre-tsarist times to the 20th century. Considers as artifacts of Russian culture folklore, literary and philosophical texts, art, architecture, music, dance, film, rituals and social conventions. No knowledge of Russian necessary. Taught in English. Registration during second week of classes is only per instructor's permission. This course counts as an 'H'.

Advanced Russian Reading and Comprehension I - RUSS 305

Marina Zalesski

Acquisition of substantial vocabulary from various aspects of daily life; description of surroundings, character traits, interpersonal relations, cops-and-robbers, etc. Intensive speaking and writing practice; focus on developing a Russian writing style. Three hours a week; grades based on participation, quizzes, exams and written work. Prerequisites: RUSS 204 or equivalent. Not for native speakers.

Advanced Russian Usage - RUSS 312

Marina Zalesski

This is an advanced Russian language course, designed for students who had successfully completed a minimum of six semesters of Russian or are heritage Russian speakers, who had completed the beginning grammar course "Russian for Russians" (RUSS 211). This course expands on the grammatical structures of the Russian language with emphasis on communication and acquisition of advanced language skills: reading and listening comprehension, and oral and written expression. More emphasis is made on individual approach to students' interests as well as their language problems. Teaching materials include examples from Russian classical literature, history, Russian media, popular culture and film.

19th Century Russian Literature in Translation - RUSS 321

Nancy Tittler

Introduction to the most important Russian writers of the 19th century. Critical readings and analyses of representative novels, short stories and drama within the context of Russian cultural history, including 19th-century Russian literary movements, tsarist cultural policies, censorship and Russian and international critical responses. Students who can read the texts in the original Russian are encouraged to do so. All classes will be conducted in English. Lecture/discussion. Grades based on participation, three short papers and final exam. This course counts as a 'C', 'H'.

Moscow & St. Petersburg - RUSS 331

Sidney Dement

Moscow and St. Petersburg, the centers of power for most of Russia's thousand years of history, have been constructed and reconstructed to build up and tear down ideologies, to create and challenge the status quo. This course investigates the uses of these settings in history, and the incarnations of those same spaces in literature. This course counts as a 'C', 'H'.

Red Phoenix Rising: Revolution & USSR - RUSS 380C

Heather DeHaan

HIST325 Red Phoenix Description: This course focuses on the Soviet experiment. It explores the making of the October Revolution, the economic and political crises that shaped Stalin's rise to power, the Great Purges, the legacy of the Great Patriotic War, the challenge of destalinization, as well as Gorbachev's reforms and the collapse of the Soviet Union. Lectures, readings, and discussions are designed to sharpen students' understanding not only of Russian history, but also of the structures (ideological, theoretical, political, and cultural) that shape our interpretation of the Russian and Soviet past. Readings: Suny, THE SOVIET EXPERIMENT Prerequisites: N/A Corequisites: N/A Notes: This course can be applied to acquiring a major or minor in Russian studies. For more information, please see the instructor. This course counts as an 'N', 'W'.

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