Harpur College 4+1 Degree Programs

5 Years. 2 Degrees. Finish Faster.

Complete a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years.

Fast, Smart, Affordable, Convenient

Typically, earning a master's degree takes two years. But with Binghamton University's 4+1 degree programs, you can earn your master's degree with just one extra year of classes. You'll finish both your bachelor's degree and your master's degree in a total of five years.

By choosing a 4+1 degree program, you'll save a full year of tuition dollars. Plus, you'll pay undergraduate tuition rates for your graduate classes during your fourth (senior) year.

How does it work?

You complete most of the coursework for your bachelor's degree in your first three years. In your fourth year, you take both bachelor's- and master's-level courses, graduate with your bachelor's degree and formally apply to the Graduate School. In your fifth year, you are admitted to the Graduate School and focus solely on graduate coursework.


Undergraduate Department Graduate Department 4+1 Degrees Contact Website
Anthropology Anthropology



sterling@binghamton.edu More Info
Anthropology Biomedical Anthropology



sterling@binghamton.edu More Info
Art History Art History BA + MA khatch@binghamton.edu More Info
Asian & Asian American Studies Asian & Asian American Studies BA + MA jcheng@binghamton.edu  More Info
Biological Sciences Biological Sciences 


wxzhu@binghamton.edu  More Info
Chemistry Chemistry BA/BS + MA/MS dimitrov@binghamton.edu More Info
Chemistry Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) BS + MS dimitrov@binghamton.edu  More Info
Comparative Literature Comparative Literature BA + MA jgerrits@binghamton.edu MORE INFO
Economics Economics BS + MA apape@binghamton.edu More Info
English English BA + MA gopinath@binghamton.edu More Info
Environmental Studies Sustainable Communities


clipo@binghamton.edu More Info
French - Romance Languages

French - Romance Languages

BA + MA stewart@binghamton.edu MORE INFO
Geography Geography BA + MA wqs@binghamton.edu More Info
Geology Geology BS + MS dmjenks@binghamton.edu More Info
History History BA + MA lwheeler@binghamton.edu More Info

Integrative Neuroscience

Biomedical Anthropology

BS + MS sterling@binghamton.edu MORE INFO

Italian - Romance Languages

Italian - Romance Languages

BA + MA stewart@binghamton.edu MORE INFO
Mathematical Sciences Statistics BA/BS + MA qiao@math.binghamton.edu MORE INFO
Philosophy Philosophy BA + MA cgoodman@binghamton.edu More Info
Philosophy, Politics & Law Philosophy BA + MA areeves@binghamton.edu More Info
Philosophy, Politics & Law Sustainable Communities BA + MA/MS areeves@binghamton.edu More Info
Physics Materials Science & Engineering (MSE) BS + MS cnelson@binghamton.edu More Info
Sociology Sociology BA + MA lgates@binghamton.edu More Info

Spanish - Romance Languages

Spanish - Romance Languages

BA + MA stewart@binghamton.edu MORE INFO

Other Combined Degrees (MBA, MPA, MAT)

Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Adolescence Education Degree (MAT)

Harpur (Fast-Track) MBA Program