Why Liberal Arts?

The liberal arts edge

Harpur College of Arts and Sciences provides an empowering and competitive foundation for any career or advanced course of study, by fostering competency in effective oral and written communication, rigorous scientific analysis, independent thinking and cultural literacy.

"From breadth through depth to perspective"

At its inception in 1950, Harpur College immortalized its guiding philosophy — "From Breadth through Depth to Perspective" — on a bronze tablet, still prominently displayed on a granite boulder at the center of campus. Harpur College remains committed to a curriculum that is informed by this ethos.

Each Harpur College student follows a unique program, yet also builds upon an innovative General Education curriculum that stresses a broad base of knowledge as well as writing, speaking and critical thinking skills. At the same time, these students select a major that provides an in-depth understanding of content and problem-solving skills in an area of specialization.

As a result, Harpur College students gain an understanding of themselves in relation to our global society and the natural and physical world, and they are challenged to exercise the essential techniques of logical thinking, efficient communication and scientific reasoning and analysis. They also gain an appreciation of different cultures and viewpoints and become confident and innovative decision makers.