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Meet the Staff - Alex Jablonski

Alex Jablonski

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Title: General Academic Advisor


Hometown: Detroit, MI

Alma Mater: Grand Valley State University, Binghamton University

At BU since: ​2011

On the weekends you can often find me: Cooking, probably. Or baking.​ And spending time outside.

I can't imagine life without: ​​I once was lost, but now I am found, at Wegman's.

On vacation you can find me: Either exploring a new city, or else tromping through the woods.

The best part of being an advisor is: Having the opportunity to meet so many talented students with such diverse interests.

My favorite season in the northeast is: That wonderful stretch from midsummer through the fall, when all of the fruits and vegetables come in.

If I had to survive on just one kind of food, it would be: The right answer is potatoes. But the honest answer is that I'd be unable to choose, and I'd starve.

My favorite books are: Weird and escapist. Right now I'm working through HP Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith.

As a sports fan, I always root for: The Detroit Red Wings


Last Updated: 4/29/19