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Meet the Staff - Kara Donato

Kara Donato

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Title: General Academic Advisor


Hometown: Johnson City, NY

Alma Mater: Undergraduate: SUNY Oneonta, Graduate: Nazareth College

I can't imagine life without: DOGS

TV shows I would rush home to watch are: Game of Thrones, Fixer Upper, and Riverdale

The film that comes to mind as my favorite: Every Harry Potter movie

On vacation you can find me: In Cape May, NJ

The best part of being an advisor: Getting the chance to meet and work with students as they grow and find their path.

My favorite season in the northeast is: Fall (I love seeing all the leaves change color)

I admit I'm a big softy when it comes to: Basically anything involving animals

If I had to survive on just one food, it would be: Chicken Parm

My favorite books are: I will read pretty much anything if it comes with a good recommendation!

My favorite quote is: "Whatever you are, be a good one" -Abraham Lincoln

As a sports fan, I always root for: The underdogs

Last Updated: 4/29/19