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Academic Planning

Effective academic scheduling and planning is a major element of your academic success. When considering your academic present and future, you should use thoughtful and informed planning. Some of the tools assembled here may be of service to you when developing your academic plan.

Sample 4-year Academic plan (by semester)

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: General Education (GenEd) requirement completed; Harpur writing requirement completed; major courses completed; 46 upper-level credits and a minimum of 44 Harpur credits (your last 30 taken in residence); overall minimum 126 credits; 2.0 GPA minimum

First semester

  • Begin/complete GenEd courses
  • Explore courses for a possible major
  • Learn to read the degree audit
  • Learn to understand the academic calendar and deadlines (add/drop, grade option change, and withdraw)
  • Identify University resources
  • Begin a portfolio of achievements and activities using B-Engaged
  • Strengthen oral and written communication and computer skills
  • Build a personal support network
  • Enroll in WRIT 111 either first or second semester
  • Attend Harpur Edge events like "Take the Edge Off" and "Fun with Faculty" by RSVPing to them in B-Engaged
  • Consider 4-1/ Fast-Track programs

Second SEmester

Students who wish to participate in internships or study abroad programs and who have previously been convicted of a felony are advised that they will be asked about their prior criminal history. This may impede your ability to participate. Students who have concerns about such matters, or are looking for additional information, are advised to contact the dean's office of their intended academic program. For questions about how this may affect studying abroad, please contact the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives.

Third SEmester

fourth semester

fifth semester

  • Reassess choice of major
  • Check progress in major and other requirements
  • Discuss graduate school possibilities with faculty, advisors and career counselors
  • Update portfolio of achievements and experiences
  • Complete a Harpur Edge Crash Course on topics ranging from Tableau to coding in Python among others by registering on B-Engaged

sixth semester

seventh semester

eighth semester

  • Complete Application for Degree through BU Brain  
  • Complete major and remaining credits
  • Attend Alumni Lunch and Learns and other Harpur Edge networking events by RSVPing in B-Engaged
  • Participate in recognition and Commencement ceremonies
  • Celebrate!

SUMMERS & Winters


Tips for Scheduling & Registration
Take a look at these tips when creating your schedule and preparing for registration. 

Planning Worksheets
These planning worksheet may be helpful in planning out your schedule and your approach to requirement completion in Harpur College programs.

The Harpur Degree Requirements
Be aware of the requirements which are in place for Harpur College students (in addition to General Education and your major).

Last Updated: 2/9/21