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Harpur Academic Recovery Program (H.A.R.P.):

Calendar of Events

Spring 2019

Below you will find the calendar of outreach events in which H.A.R.P. students are expected to participate. Please consult your academic advisor each month to determine which event(s) may be best for you to attend.




29th HARP Orientation & Scheduling Workshop   11th

Mindfulness for Stress Management

      22nd Academic Study Skills Workshop





14th  Academic Writing Workshop

  TBA Major Exploration Workshop

27th Motivation: The Master Manipulator

  TBA Public Speaking Workshop


10th Last Day of Classes  
*This schedule is subject to change. 

Workshop Descriptions:

H.A.R.P. Orientation and Scheduling Workshop
Unfortunately there is no snooze button on the start of the semester. Spring 2018 is off at a sprint and you've got to catch it while you still can! At orientation you will have an opportunity to sign up for H.A.R.P and meet with an advisor to discuss your Spring 2018 course schedule. Program expectations and procedures will be reviewed, including the terms of eligibility for the Academic Reset. Come kick off the semester with a solid plan for improvement and a support system to help you set and achieve your goals.

Academic Writing: How to Slay Your C's, J's, and W's 
Does the Harpur writing requirement fill you with feelings of dread and intimidation? In this crash course on writing we'll give you tips to improve at every stage, from analyzing material and developing a thesis, to fine tuning your sentences for clarity and style. Warning: shameless Beyonce references and GIF's will be included.

Am I in the right major? Forging the Connection Between College Majors and Careers
Have you "decided" on a major/career path and completely re-imagined your entire life three times in the last month? Break the cycle! Based on your strengths and goals, what is the best fit for you? In this workshop with the Fleishman Center for Career Development, Advisors will help you explore career assessments, job searches, goal setting, and more. Stop looking for a crystal ball! No matter where you are in the process we can help you lay down a solid path to the future.

In One Ear and Out the Other? Make the Most of Your Study Time
Find your inner Doogie Howser, or Rory Gilmore, or Sheldon Cooper. Don't know any of those names? Good, then you've been studying instead of watching three decades' worth of television on Netflix. The rest of you, you know who are, come get studious with Harpur Advising! We will review study skills, best practices, time management, and more!

Motivation: the Master Manipulator
Ever make plans to study and then end up looking at pictures of kittens on the internet for 2 hours? Ever say to yourself, this weekend will be different...? Or, next semester I'll get all A's? Or, do I really need to do laundry or can I just turn my t-shirts inside out? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then this workshop is for you! Based on the acclaimed Stanford University Course and the bestselling book by neuroscientist Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D, professionals from Harpur Advising will share true stories and proven methods of improving willpower. Because seriously, you need to stop it with the kittens.


Mindfulness for Stress Management 101
This introduction to mindfulness as a technique for stress management and everyday health and wellness will be led by Rachael Leonard, who leads an eight week group mindfulness workshop each semester through Decker Health Services. Ms. Leonard has trained extensively at the Center For Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Outdoor Pursuits: Ropes Challenge Course

Outdoor Pursuits Director, Birdie High, and her team of certified ropes course instructors will lead you and Harpur Advisors through a low and high ropes challenge, complete with a vertical playpen, cargo net, and zip line!! But the course isn't all just for fun, this experiential learning laboratory was built by campus recreation with the mission to, "provide empowering experiences that highlight transferable skills," that can, "enhance communication, motivate performance and improve working relationships on the campus and in the community." This program is designed for all levels of physical ability, and operates under a "challenge by choice," philosophy, meaning that your involvement is determined entirely by you, and you can choose to go as high or as far as you feel comfortable on each element. Athletic clothing recommended and closed toed shoes required.

De-stress Event
It's that time of the semester again, when everyone's walking around red-eyed, running on caffeine and ramen, writing papers in their sleep. There's no shame in admitting it, you're knock-down, drag out tired! Join us for a much need zen session with Harpur Advising's own campus celebrity, the one and only, Ben Luhrs!


Last Updated: 4/29/19