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Individualized Major Program (IMP)

The Individualized Major Program (IMP) provides Harpur College students an opportunity to design a program of study not presently available within the established university structure. These innovative majors must be academically sound, must show breadth and depth, and must provide a theoretical and conceptual framework for a particular course of study. Acceptable majors are interdisciplinary and typically combine courses from three or more disciplines

Students are advised to apply for an IMP major in their SOPHOMORE year, and NO LATER THAN THE FIRST SEMESTER OF THEIR JUNIOR YEAR. Applications after this period may mean that additional semesters may be required.

Interested students should begin the process by visiting the Academic Advising Office and obtaining the preliminary proposal application form from the IMP secretary.  Once the form has been completed it should be returned to the IMP secretary and an appointment scheduled with the IMP Coordinator. The IMP coordinator reviews the idea for the major with the student, offering assistance and helping clarify ideas before students approach the faculty adviser they select to guide their individualized major.  Under the guidance of their faculty adviser students expand upon their preliminary proposal and write a formal major proposal.  Once the proposal is ready it is submitted to and reviewed by the IMP coordinator before being passed along to the IMP committee- a committee of eight comprised of faculty, staff, and students- for review and action.  During the review students are invited to appear before the IMP committee to engage in discussion and obtain further direction.

An IMP major becomes official once it has been approved by the IMP committee.  The approval is recorded by the IMP coordinator and this constitutes the declaration of major.  Students work toward completion of the major as they would any of the established Harpur College majors.

Recent IMP students have designed some fascinating majors---Scientific and Technical Progress and Culture (combining courses from philosophy, history, anthropology, psychology mathematics, and physics), Religion and the Law (combining courses from history, Judaic studies, and philosophy) Human Social Interaction (psychology, sociology, anthropology genetics (biology, psychology, anthropology, and philosophy).

The IMP Proposal Consists of the following elements:

  1. IMP proposal cover sheet
  2. Endorsement letter from the faculty sponsor. 
  3. Three to five (3-5) page essay. 
  4. List of twelve to fifteen (12-15) courses which will constitute the major.
  5. Course descriptions (or an "annotated course list"). 

They should be
 in exactly the order listed above and the entire document must be submitted to the IMP coordinator via e-mail attachment.

Last Updated: 4/29/19