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Proposing an Individualized Major

Anyone interested in pursuing the Individualized Major Program must complete a formal proposal and submit it to the Harpur Academic Advising Office.  Students are advised to submit proposals within the first six weeks of a semester to increase the likelihood that they will receive a response from the IMP committee by semester's end.

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The Individualized Major Program proposal consists of the following elements in exactly the order listed below.

1. IMP proposal cover sheet. 
This cover sheet is available from the IMP secretary or the IMP coordinator in the Harpur College Academic Advising Office, Academic B-G18 

2. An endorsement letter from the faculty sponsor. Note:This component is essential before the IMP proposal can be reviewed.

3. A three to five (3-5) page essay. 
Applicants must write an academically sound essay which summarizes their goals in completing the IMP program, and which describes and justifies their majors.

4. A list of twelve to fifteen (12-15) courses which will constitute the major. 
When compiling a tentative course list, be aware that certain courses may require pre-or co- requisities.  In addition,  many courses are only offered one semester out of the academic year, or sometimes even more irregularly.  Keep this in mind as you create your course schedules for each semester.  When you have completed the list of courses, you must have it approved by your faculty sponsor.

*Important Rules*

  • A course with any number of credits attached to it can be used towards an IMP major, however, a ‘full course’ consists of at least 3 credit hours.  In addition, IMP students must complete a minimum of 48 credit hours for the individualized major.
  • The courses used to fulfill the requirements for the Individualized major must come from three or more departments. 
  • At least six of these courses must be at the 300-level or above. 
  • A student  with an IMP major must take at least 4, but no more than 8, credits of independent study which integrates the various aspects of the major. 
  • No more than 3 courses used toward an individualized major can be from the professional schoiols (Watson, SOM, SON, or CCPA). 
  • Courses taken at other institutions may be used towards the IMP, but are subject to committee approval.

5. Course descriptions (or an "annotated course list"). 
Applicants must provide an additional list of the courses they would like to use towards the IMP major, explaining why each course is part should be part of the major. Please note whether each course has already been completed, is in-progress, or is to be taken in a future semester.

Additional Information:

A completed proposal must be received in the Harpur Advising Office before it can be placed on the agenda for an IMP committee meeting.  The IMP committee convenes when it has materials to review.

After an IMP major has been approved, the new IMP major will receive a letter from the coordinator listing all courses that have been accepted for the major.  The list of courses as presented in the acceptance letter is viewed as a contract between the IMP committee and the new major.  However, rare situations may arise where students need to make substitutions to major requirements. In consultation with their faculty sponsor and the IMP coordinator, students may propose subsequent course-substitutions to the committee.

All requests presented to the IMP committee must be accompanied by the written approval of the faculty sponsor.

Last Updated: 4/29/19