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Course Registration

Registration takes place at various times of the year. First-year students will register for classes during Orientation. Returning students are able to register for courses in the semester before they plan to take them during designated registration periods. There are "course adjustment" periods as well as the add/drop period, which allow students to make changes to their schedules outside of the normal registration period. Summer and Winter registration open one to two months prior to the start of the session. 

Registration Time Tickets

Registration does not open for every student at the same time. Registration time tickets are issued for each student indicating the dates that a student may register for courses. Time tickets are based on the number of credits earned (In-progress courses are not counted towards earned credits). Students with a high number of earned credits start registering first. You can check your time ticket in BU Brain by clicking Student > Registration > "Click here to see your registration time ticket". 

Where to find your registration ticket in BU Brain

How to Register

  1. Log into BU Brain
  2. Click the "Student Tab"
  3. Click "Registration" link
  4. Select the term you would like to register for
  5. Use College Scheduler or "Add/Drop Courses" links to add courses
    *If you use college scheduler to add courses to your cart, make sure to send your course selections back to BU Brain and click register.

Last Updated: 4/29/19