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How to Read the Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes




SR or Checkable Box Seats Remaining There are seats available in the class
C Closed  There are no seats available in the class
CRN  Course Reference Number Click the CRN to see the course description
Subj Subject The subject associated with the course
CRSE Course Number Some courses have a letter after the course number. This may indicate the lecture and sections as one set (A lecture and A sections, B lecture and B sections) or differentiate topics courses (ENG 300Q is a completely separate course from ENG 300F)
Sec Section The section number of the course
Cred Credits The number of credits associated with the course. Some discussion and activity sections may have zero credits associated with the section itself, but students will still need to register for all components of the course (Lecture, Discussion, & Activity)
Title Course Title  If the course title has (LEC), (DIS), or (ACT) in the title, please make sure to find the linked sections and register for all components of the course
Days Days of the Week M = Monday
T = Tuesday
W = Wednesday
R = Thursday
F = Friday
Time Time of Day The time of the day when the class will be held. 
**Note about language classes - some language classes are held 4 days a week but meeting times may differ based on day of the week.
Cap Capacity The maximum number of students who may register for the course
Act Actual  The current number of students currently registered for the course
Rem Remaining The number of seats remaining in the course
Schedule of Classes
Wait Waitlist For more information about waitlisting, click here
XL Rem Cross-listed Seats Remaining

The number of seats remaining in the cross-listed course.

**If there are seats available in the cross-listed course, you are able to sign up for either section. 
Fee   If there is a fee associated with the course, please click the "f" to see the amount of the fee. 
Instructor   The instructor of the course
Date   The dates that the course will be offered. Some courses only meet for a half-semester, so please make note of when the course starts and concludes
Gen Ed General Education Attribute  The general education attributes associated with the course. For more information about General Education course, please click here



Last Updated: 5/7/19