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Tips for Scheduling & Registration

Scheduling and Registration
Considering the myriad of options and avenues available to you within Harpur College, planning your upcoming semester's schedule can be a challenging task. That being said, there are many resources available to help guide you in scheduling and long term planning. At Harpur Academic Advising it is our mission to assist you in developing an appropriate plan for next semester, and beyond.

Tools & Resources:

  • Academic Planning Resources
    Review the sample 4-year academic plan to make sure that you are on track. We've also assembled several worksheets and planning sheets that can help you visualize your current and future schedules! If you want a handy framework to help you plot out next year, next semester, or only next week, these resources might be of value to you.

  • DARS and DegreeWorks provide you with straightforward, up-front access to your record, and your requirements. Student who entered Binghamton before fall 2013 use DARS. All other students who entered before fall 2013 and later use DegreeWorks. The BU Brian, is the central campus system that gives you access to DARS or DegreeWorks, registration, your GPA, your account status, and various other administrative and advising tools.
    • BU Brain: The BU Brain is a comprehensive collection of useful online applications. You can access everything from your student account, to online hireBING (job searching) on the BU Brain site.
    • How do I read a Degree Audit? The registrar has a comprehensive site that explains DARS and DegreeWorks in depth. you can learn how to access your degree audit, how to read it, and experiment with a clickable audit. If you have more questions about understanding your degree audit and your requirements, don't hesitate to visit with an advisor.
  • College Scheduler allows you to plan your schedule quickly and easily. You simply choose the courses you want to register for, add any break times to schedule around (such as athletic practices or work), and the system generates all possible schedules that work for you. College Scheduler also allows you to see which classes and sections are open so that you can register with one click when your time ticket opens.

Here are some things to thing about when planning your schedule: 

Register for Appropriate Number of credits

Students must register for at least 12 credits to be considered full-time and normally the maximum number of credits a student can register for will be 18 credits. By registering in 16 credits, students ensure that they will remain full-time if they need to drop or withdraw from one of their courses. 

Remember to schedule all components of a course

Some courses have multiple parts (lecture, activity, or discussion). You must register for all components of a course. College Scheduler makes this easy because it will automatically pull all components.

No Duplicates!

You should not repeat courses that you have already received credit for. Make sure to check your degree audit and online academic transcript to determine what credit you are receiving for any transfer or exam credits.

Have Backups

Some courses may fill up and close prior to your scheduling date. Get on the waitlist for any courses that you are not able to register for. 

Create a Balanced Schedule

Don't try to take too many science and math courses in one semester (we recommend maximum 2 courses per semester). 


Check to see if a course has pre- or co-requisites before registering for the course. The prerequisite course must appear on your BU record in order for you to be able to register for the course. If you are transferring the course in from another institution, please make sure to have your transcript sent to Binghamton in advance of registration. 


Some courses may only be open to certain students. Click on the "R" in the schedule of classes to see if you meet the requirements. Some courses will list permission of department or permission of instructor as a restriction. In these cases, please contact the department or instructor rather than Harpur Advising in order to register. 


Some courses have additional costs associated with taking the course. Click on the "F" in the fee column to see how much these fees are. Fees will be added to your tuition bill after you register for the course. 


Degree Planning is a Joint Effort

Degree Planning Internships Study Abroad Volunteer Research Clubs
  • Binghamton University offers a variety of services which can assist you in developing a comprehensive plan. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of various practical and developmental opportunities including internships, practica, mentoring, campus community events.....the list continues. Think about how some of these University offices and programs that can offer further resources to help you identify and reach your goals.

Last Updated: 2/13/20