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Harpur College Writing Requirement

Harpur College believes that writing is central to a liberal arts education. To ensure that all students obtain considerable experience and receive significant guidance or instruction in writing during their studies, Harpur College has established the following writing requirement:

In order to complete the writing requirement, students must complete one of the following options:


# of C or J Courses

# of W Courses

Option A:



Option B:



Option C:




What qualifies as a C/J or W course?

   C or J courses will:

   W courses will:

  • Emphasize writing as a process of revision

  • Require a minimum of 20 pages of expository prose

  • At least 50 percent of the course grade is based on student writing. 

  • J courses will combine both composition and oral communication, meaning that they will require at least 2 oral presentations and evaluation of speaking along with 20 pages of writing

  • Provide considerable experience in and feedback on writing as a tool of college-level teaching and learning

  • Typically consist of a minimum of 10 pages of writing

  • Written assignments in W courses constitute 30 to 100 percent of the basis for the grade in the course

Frequently Asked Questions about Writing Courses:

Can I transfer C/J or W Courses?

I'm taking a course that I think meets the writing requirement. Can I petition for C credit?

You are able to petition for writing credit if you meet the following criteria:
  • Course requirements:
    • At least 20 pages of expository writing
    • Requires a process of revision
    • Writing must be in English
    • Must be taught by a Harpur College faculty member in a Harpur course
    • At least 50 percent of the grade must be based on expository writing
    • Independent Study courses may not be a version of a concurrently offered, non-designated C Course
  • Student criteria:
    • Must not have room in their schedule to take a C course
    • Must be able to graduate in the semester in which they are petition

The deadline to petition is during the Add/Drop period of which the course is being taken. Students can petition during pre-registration. In order to petition, please complete the General Academic Petition

I took a course in a past semester that meets the writing requirement. Can I petition for writing credit?

Unfortunately, students are not allowed to petition for writing credit on past coursework. You must petition for writing credit prior to the end of the add/drop period in the semester you are taking the course

Last Updated: 5/7/19