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Harpur College Departments and Programs

The following is a list of our Harpur College departments and programs offering undergraduate degrees, certificates or minors at Binghamton University. Click on the links below to learn more about the listed department, it's faculty and their degree programs. You can also explore degree requirements by visiting the University BULLETIN 

Degree Audits (DARS or DegreeWorks) and The Major: Current students considering a major, can perform a "what-if" transaction with their DARS or DegreeWorks audits login located on BU Brain.

Explore In Full: You are encouraged to thoroughly explore all of the various offerings our diverse programs offer. Many of the BA, and BS programs below offer concentrations, focusing on particular areas of study that may be of interest to you. Your major or departmental advisor will of great service to you as you plan your major program and your post-baccalaureate program. Don't hesitate to speak with the departmental advisors or a trusted instructor. Also, visit the departmental web site (linked below) to view additional requirement, advice and materials. Many departments publish helpful handbooks and requirement guides for students.

Departmental Advising: Please see the major or minor department to declare the major or minor. The listing of undergraduate directors can be found here

Post-Baccalaureate Planning: If you're looking for graduate offerings at Binghamton, please check out the Grad School's comprehensive graduate degree database.

Click on the links below to view departmental websites.  Major and minor requirements can be found on the

Humanities Division - Undergraduate

Africana Studies BA Minor             
Art BA, BFA Minor
Art History BA, Cert  
Asian and Asian-American Studies BA Minor
Cinema BA Minor
Classical and Near Eastern Studies BA Minor
Comparative Literature BA Minor
English, General Literature and Rhetoric BA  
German and Russian Studies BA Minor
Judaic Studies BA Minor
Music BA, BMUS Minor
Philosophy BA  
Romance Languages and Literatures BA  Minor
Theatre BA Minor 

Science and Mathematics - Undergraduate

Biochemistry BS  
Biological Sciences BA, BS Minor
Chemistry BA, BS Minor
Geological Sciences & Environmental Studies BA, BS Minor
Mathematical Sciences BA, BS Minor
Physics, Applied Physics & Astronomy BA, BS Minor
Integrative Neuroscience (previously Psychobiology) BS  
Psychology BA  

Social Science Division - Undergraduate

Anthropology BA, BS Minor
Economics BA, BS, 3/2 Minor
Geography BA Minor
History BA Minor
Political Science BA  
Sociology BA Minor

Interdisciplinary Programs, Concentrations or Certificates - Undergraduate

Environmental Studies BA, BS Minor
Global Studies   Minor
Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies BA Minor
Linguistics BA Minor
Medieval & Early Modern Studies BA Minor
Middle East and North African Studies Concentration
Philosophy, Politics, and Law BA, 3/2  
Religious Studies Minor
Women Gender and Sexuality Studies Certificate, Minor

There is also a series of combined degrees which combine an undergraduate and a graduate degree. As these overlap with graduate programs, specific questions concerning degree requirements and the application process should be addressed to the respective department or program:

Last Updated: 5/26/20